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We’re hiring a remote senior full stack developer to deliver digital transformation projects with a particular focus on LEMP stacks and Node. Including Laravel, Vue and React etc.

We’re a digital transformation company working exclusively with large agencies. We’re a startup but our directors have already been established for many years having worked as contractors delivering digital transformation for several large blue-chip companies.

As a senior you will be a key contributor towards strategy working with our head of technology and a key communicator on projects. You’ll also be a guide to other junior and middleweight developers.

If you have an appetite for joining a startup and inputting into the development of junior and middleweight developers then apply today!


You’ll be able to write up technical specifications including the best technology to use to deliver the projects, breakdowns and ORM of modelling and api endpoints, key architecture and elements of functionality.

You’ll be able to follow designs provided in Sketch and Figma format to pixel perfect standard with ScSS and follow modern concepts such as BEM or scoped styles. You certainly know about modern CSS such as flex and css-grid and will choose the best option based on your experience.

You’ll be well versed with Laravel, MySql and Vue, perhaps NuxtJs, and a bit of React, perhaps NextJs, and have experience in building and solving complex problems for medium and large projects. You’ll understand the Javascript framework lifecycle and component design.

You’ll have great knowledge of api architecture in general, RESTful design. You may appreciate the approach of guides and tools such as jsonapi.org and GraphQL.

You’ll have good knowledge of TDD and BDD, at least to it’s benefits and how it can be utilised within unit tests and browser testing.

You’ll have some knowledge of how Nginx works, certainly enough to reverse proxy a node port. We sometimes use containerisation for projects which involves configuring Nginx manually and are keen to utilise Kubernetes more, so enough knowledge of Nginx to be able to move forward in that area would be good.

You’ll have used VPS solutions such as Digital Ocean, AWS, GCP and Linode. Any one of those are fine.


Salary: £50-60k depending on experience

Pension: Statutory 3% contribution

Holiday: Statutory 28 days (including bank holidays)

Brand new company laptop

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Company: Aduro

Company Location:  Home Based

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