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RedCloud is a pioneer in technology that drives global commerce local. We believe our target markets to be high friction, low margin businesses, and our goal is to turn those into low friction, high margin marketplaces. To achieve that we have had to bring together people and products that would reinvent old retail guard and transform it into a new kind of commerce.

Our platform aggregates multiple small retailers, their enormous collective buying and selling power, and connects them to brands and consumers at scale anytime, anywhere, cardless, bankless, and cashless. It takes both a widescreen/long term vision, and significant investment in time and money, to build such a business. RedCloud was founded on the principle of delivering the often competing forces of both long term shareholder value, and technology for good. Over the last decade, billions of investor dollars have flowed into neo banks and all that is fintech, much of which has been absorbed by thin applications on the current old infrastructure.

As Marc Andreeson recently wrote, building for the long term is much harder, it’s much easier to simply go with the status quo. Until it isn’t. RedCloud’s platform has been built from the ground up to deliver new commerce through payments, ordering, sales, and data intelligence to small businesses that are part of the incoming digital revolution. That build has taken substantial investment in funding, and 6 years to achieve. Our mission – to bring Global Commerce Local – through an open platform for the world’s small retailers and consumers is enormously ambitious, but one which we are convinced we can be market leaders in.

Today, millions of small businesses across all the continents act as the critical interface between consumers and many leading food, apparel, and beverage product brands, yet remain deeply digitally underserved and underbanked, preventing them and their brands from becoming part of the new commerce economy. Over 500m of these retailers operate almost entirely on paper, using informal ordering and payment systems, resulting in enormous friction paying and getting paid, opening trade accounts, securing credit, or accelerating to digital commerce. Current banking and card networks have proved to be either too expensive, or too cumbersome to support the demands of a new kind of commerce. The consequence is far reaching – supply, demand, inventory, credit, data, revenue, market, and consumer relevance are critical assets to retail supply chains; the digitisation of them is crucial to their survival.

Key Responsibilities

The Reconciliation and CS Analyst will report directly to the Finance Director

This role inside the Finance team, fulfils the daily tasks of having all bank registers inside our system up to date, helping to move towards automatization on the global system. Getting to understand the different transactions and the changes inherent to the services provided by RedCloud.

Together with the Customer Success team, the task is to provide a neat merchant information base, with all the necessary requirements to become an active merchant.

Tasks include several markets, working remotely from Argentina and reporting directly to UK.

Responsibilities – (included but not limited to)

Ensure KYC database is up to date, follow-up pending tickets and work towards having quick resolutions. Identify any bottleneck on the process and work to improve the process.

Review and reconcile financial statements on a daily basis; ensure records are complete, accurate and up to date. Watch over outstanding items and build a reliable base on the transactions related to each merchant. Help to develop and implement reconciling systems and procedures to ensure maximal accuracy.

This position requires:

– A detail-oriented person, capable of working under pressure and time efficient;

– Ability to manage workload effectively and meet strict deadlines;

– Independent and with good teamwork abilities;

– Minimum qualification – university degree;

– Good organizational, oral and written communication skills;

– Positive mental attitude, with the ability to beat targets;

– Fluent in English verbally and in writing;

– Highly motivated and willing to learn and develop skills.

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