Pre-Prep Kindergarten Teacher Job at Vinehall School in Robertsbridge

Job Description

Job Purpose

· To teach, support and guide a class of up to 16 children, providing a stimulating and well-disciplined learning environment.

Key Relationships

· Headmaster of Vinehall;

· Head of Pre-Prep;

· Leads and teachers across EYFS;


· Teaching Assistants.

Main Tasks

Pastoral Care

· To set high expectations in terms of behaviour, manners, respect for others and property, personal relationships and general attitude.

· To see that the children in class are happy, that good relationships are maintained and to be responsible for the general welfare of the class.

· To attend assemblies and share responsibility for year group assemblies and assemblies for class parents.

· To maintain good order and discipline amongst the pupils and to safeguard their health and safety while authorised to be on the school premises and while engaged in school activities elsewhere, eg on outings.

· To carry out risk assessments when necessary for the classroom, play areas, outings and other events involving the children in your care.

· To be aware of any medical problem, to fill in accident slips if on duty or present at the time of an accident. To ensure that the parents and Head of Pre-Prep are informed about accidents.

· To build a professional relationship with parents, liaising formally and informally. This includes checking Home-School link books daily, monitoring the entries and replying to any queries from parents in a sensitive and timely fashion. Welcoming parents and providing some opportunities for inclusion into class activities. There are also opportunities to join in social events organised by the parent body.

Teaching Expectations

· To be responsible for the planning, delivery and evaluation of lessons. To prepare long, medium and short-term plans in line with the department’s requirements and curriculum documents. The planning should be accessible, working documents indicating the learning intention and activity, as well as the differentiation for children of varying ability and direction for teaching assistants. Curriculum planning must be available in class in case of absence so that staff covering can take over easily.

· To set high expectations for academic work and to be responsible for the general standard of the class work. To liaise with the previous class teacher, future teacher, Head of Pre-Prep and Learning Support Assistant as required.

· To assess, record and report on the development, progress and attainment of the pupils in line with Early Years Foundation Stage and the Foundation Stage Profile. Class teachers are required to maintain ‘Early Years Profiles or Learning Journeys’ of the children’s progress, to track using Evidence Me and to write reports and to attend parents’ consultation meetings.

· To mark work according to established policy.

· To co-operate with the Head of Pre-Prep and other staff on the preparation and development of the curriculum and teaching resources.

· To evaluate own teaching programme and to contribute to the departmental self-evaluation.

· To attend courses, cluster meetings and INSET days.

· To participate in appraisal, to set and strive towards targets for continuing professional and personal development.

· To maintain an attractive, tidy, working environment with fresh and stimulating displays.

· To organise any performances and assemblies to be presented by the class or year group.

· All Pre-Prep teachers have the responsibility of co-ordinating at least one area of the curriculum.


· To be present in the Pre-Prep at 8.00am and in the classroom by 8.15am, encouraging an orderly start to the day. To be present with the class at the end of the school day, passing the children on to their parent or carer safely and to stay on well beyond the end of the school day as required.

· To ensure the children know the procedures in the event of fire.

· To become familiar with and conform to the policies and procedures set out in the staff handbook, as revised from time to time.

· To have good interpersonal skills, working well with colleagues, supporting others and fostering a team atmosphere in Pre-Prep.

· To participate in staff meetings relating to the curriculum, administration or organisation of the school.

· To have or be willing to develop a good level of ICT skills.

· To eat with and supervise the children at lunchtimes, promoting good manners.

· To support the Pre-Prep team, providing occasional cover if required.

· To liaise with the Head of Pre-Prep and Head of Vinehall when necessary.


· To attend INSET days and parents’ evenings, in addition to the term dates, all indicated in the school diary.

· The children leave at 3.15pm, unless they are involved in clubs. Teachers are expected to remain in school after all the children have gone home and up to 5.30pm.

· To be available on occasion for additional meetings, eg for planning, evaluation or to meet parents.

· Occasionally, a member of staff might be required for a weekend event such as Vines Day or an Open Day.


· Teachers are paid according to the Vinehall Teaching Scale, which is based on the government pay scale for teachers. Pay is calculated according to qualifications and responsibilities held.

· Teachers are invited to contribute to the Government Superannuation scheme.


· New teachers meet regularly with the Head of Pre-Prep, in particular across the first term until such time as they feel confident that they understand the policies and practices of the school.

· Employees are expected to work in a professional manner, respecting confidentiality appropriately.

· Employees carry responsibility for safeguarding the welfare of the children with whom they come into contact, in accordance with the Safeguarding Policy Statement for Vinehall. If you become aware of any actual or potential risks to the safety or welfare of the children in the school in the course of carrying out your duties at Vinehall, you are duty bound to report these to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) (The Headmaster), or to the Head of Pre-Prep.

· Full details of Vinehall’s expectations, policies and practices are provided in the staff handbook which is online. Please acquaint yourself with the relevant sections and refer to it when you need to.

Reference ID: Kindergarten Teacher

Application Deadline: 25/01/2021

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: £21,750.00-£33,500.00 per year

COVID-19 considerations:
We follow all government guidelines and have twice weekly testing for staff in direct contact with pupils.


  • Teaching age 3-4: 2 years (Preferred)


  • Certificate of Higher Education (Required)

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