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About Us: Hatching Dragons is the UK’s first bilingual Chinese-English early years education provider. We have two successful schools in central London serving hundreds of families over the 5 years we’ve been in operation and now we’re thrilled to be responding to surging interest from the community in Rotherhithe to open up a nursery school on the banks of the River Thames, opposite Canary Wharf, in the midst of a rather beautiful nature reserve and in a jaw-droppingly beautiful building.Our nursery will be opening in January 2021 but the successful candidate will be required to join from Mid November-December 2020.

About the Role: This is a deputy manager level role, so supporting the school principal in taking responsibility for the delivery of a high quality, bilingual early years educational environment for the families we serve. Deputy Managers are managers in waiting, whilst serving as a room leader whilst the Manager is on site, you will be deployed out of numbers and overseeing the school as a whole when the Manager is not on rota (training / holiday and times of the day when he / she is not in). You will be tasked to deliver on our policies and procedures in regards to the EYFS (what we deliver) and the educational approach (bilingual and bicultural learning) we provide. You don’t need to speak Mandarin to qualify but you DO need to be amongst the best in:

Early years education – we’re looking for demonstrable experience and skill sets in any and all forms of early years practice, from Montessori to Reggion, EYFS to Te Whariki – we want people who are excited by education, passionate about children and can prove that their knowledge is more than just the 7 areas of learning. We want practice, passion and purpose. If you’ve got those qualities, get in touch

Leadership & Management – This is a man management role – you will be supported by a central administrative team in sales, HR administration, finance and more but you must be the leader for your team. Don’t expect this to be a desk job: managing and getting the best from your team will see you in the rooms most of your time (not counted in numbers) but overseeing, nudging, mentoring, role-modelling, advising, teaching and tutoring as you go. If you’re seeing a manager’s role as a desk job, please apply to be an HR admin officer somewhere else. You will need to supervise your staff, provide room evaluation forms for Room Leader feedback, oversee 360 degree staff feedback, weekly team meetings, support CPD and our in-house accredited training function under NCFE-CACHE (to certify practitioners from L2/3/4/5 in early years practice) and more. You are a people person, not a robot and we need to see you on your feet working collaboratively with your team to get the best from them

Administration / Organisation – Nurseries succeed and fail based on the quality of the above and of the administrative diligence the manager has in ensuring that things are done on time, to standard and without fault. Working with your team to ensure that workflow is established, reporting lines and internal communication are established and everyone knows who is doing what, when and why leads to purposeful organisational discipline. We do NOT want managers who think they are the people who can and will do everything. We want organised leaders who can delegate tasks and deploy staff against those staff to ensure that they are maximising their own productivity

Customer relations – Nursery’s are nothing without the community we serve and your job is to ensure that our families are happy, engaged and part of our wider community. We throw events, parties and will be undertaking weekend schools (delegated as they may be) but you need to ensure that our community sees our schools as a central locus of fun, happiness and vibrancy for them to want to come back to again and again. Customer relations are key – you will be empathetic, firm but fair and critically fun for people to want to work with.

If you feel this is you and can evidence your track record against the above, get in touch and we’ll arrange an interview. Our people are our best asset. For those of you who are successful, you will be invited to work under the tutelage of the Area Manager and management teams in our City branch (EC2Y 8AA) first as a Third in Charge to ensure that you are fully trained in how we manage our schools and deliver the quality we do for at least one to two month’s prior to the Canada Water branch opening. You will assist in the site’s development and you will be central to the recruitment strategy going forward. You’re going to be a go-getter, an entrepreneur, a task oriented operational expert. Critically you are going to be a team player, working with the wider group to achieve our broader goals. And in that, you’ll be part of a wicked team.

Note that all positions are contingent on the terms of our safer recruitment policy being met. Full details on the job description in terms of KPIs, reporting structures see here

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